Cultural Programs

Besides our fun and driving entertainment performances Alpine Thunder also provides educational programs.  These performances have both entertaining and educational elements that make them great for libraries, schools, senior centers to name a few.

These performances, usually given with a duo or trio can:

  • associate German folk music to different parts of Germany and Austria
  • discuss geography in relation to German folk music selections
  • actively tie in German language with music through audience participation
  • discuss German folk music instrumentation and how they are used in the band
  • audience can actively participate in learning how to yodel and have a better understanding on how yodeling is used in alpine music culture

These programs are typically about an hour long and move quickly resulting in both a wonderful entertaining and educational event.

A German Musical Christmas Journey – Eine deutsche musikalishe Weihnachtsreise

Although we often take today’s Christmas celebration customs for granted, most of the so-called “traditional” Christmas practices only date back to the 19th century. Many of these customs originated in Germany and Austria. Alpine Thunder will take you on a musical journey through Germany relating German Christmas music, and, other German folk songs to traditional practices, German culture, language and geography.